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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 18, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a bomb squad is called out, streets are closed and people are told to stay indoors. police are not take any chances as the bay area gets ready to host two major public sporting events. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, halftime heather holmes. thousands are expected in san francisco tomorrow for the 102nd bay to brakers race and to take in the final leg of the tour of coverage bicycle race. the city has of course stepped up security measures following the boston marathon bombings. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to tell us about an incident
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many livermore that is just an scene of the heightened security concerns out there. >> reporter: heather, that is right. we're live at amgen's starting line right now of the it's just behind me. crews are still out here and we can tell you barricades are up and we're live at howard and main in san francisco and security is guaranteed to be tight because as you mentioned today's incident in livermore. alameda county sheriff's office bomb squad rolled their robot in place to take palm beaches of the package discovered just behind the salon blow out bar. we're on heightened alert because of what has happened in past and we're just trying to take precautionary measures to make sure everybody is safe. >> reporter: livermore police closed the downtown's 1st, 2nd and 3-d, streets between j an k to traffic, the very same area
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where amgen's tour of california raced through late. he was sitting inside reata's diner after police instructed businesses to push outdoor patio customers inside or to close and evacuate. >> they told us to come in, that is when -- and lock the door and i knew something was really going on and finally somebody asked what is going on and they said its with an incident. >> reporter: riata's manager says they were allowed to remain open, but scares business. >> we just went forward. >> reporter: less than an hour and a half after it was discovered, the bomb squad determined that the box was filled with postcards. a vendor did not put it in a dumpster, just near it. raising suspicion. tomorrow morning in san francisco, amgen kicks off its final stage just as bay to brakers will be getting underway. san francisco's police chief told us today his department is prepared, even if in some cases they might not be seen by runners. >> i don't know we're going to have anybody run start to
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finish, but we'll have officers in the crowd and in the racecourse that won't be in uniform red light both of these events take place within an hour of each other. we're live at the bay to brakers starting line, and chief suhr wants to remind anybody participating or onlookers, if you see something, say something. there will be plenty of officers you who will be listen to anyone who sees something suspicious. jade hernandez, ktvu mp a highway patrol patrol motorcycle officer was airlifted to the hospital after he was injured in an accident. chp says the officer was riding ahead of the cyclists. a silver mercedes apparently made a u-turn in front of the officer and the two vehicles collide. we're told that the officer could be released from the hospital as soon astorm. there is no word whether the driver of the car involved in this crash will face any char. >> meantime cycling fabs are getting ready to cheer on their favorites when the final leg of
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amgen tour kicks off in san francisco tomorrow. today the racers started in livermore and made their way up the steep slopes of mount diablo. supporters lined the roads to cheer them on of last stage begin begins at san francisco's marina green at:15 and ends in santo rosa and we'll bring the live race tomorrow on morning agencies the 2. coming up a little bit later in sport wrap our josi fonzi has complete highlights from the grueling climb up mount diablo. >> we saw the first america's cup catamaran. the italian luna rossa. the italian proposal include lowering the wind speed limitses and more protective galler for the sailors of traces are set to
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start july 5m. a married in a small town in virginia turned chaotic when a car plowed into a grew up of people. it happened during the annual celebration of the appalachian trail in damascus near the tennessee state line. another 12-150 were taken by ambulance to the hospital. we heard screams behind us, and he sort of pushed out of the way from it. and we all of us, we all looked back and saw misery. >> authorities believe that the driver may have suffered some sort of medical emergency before the accident took place. in connecticut tonight crews are working to repair damage cause by that devastating rush-hour crash between two commuter trains yesterday. they are hoping to have the train running again by monday. meantime, the ntsb is examining
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many possible causes for the crash, including a rail fracture on the eastbound side of the track. no one was killed, but 70 people were injured. two dollars and a dream. that is all you need for a chance to win the largest powerball lottery jackpot in history. the powerball lottery is played in 43 states plus washington, d.c. and the u.s. virginian islands, carriage the most recent state to joint pool started to offer the game just last month. since then, california has sold $83 million worth of powerball tickets. california's contribution has pushed the powerball jackpot to an astounding $600 million. john sasaki joins us live from albany, where dreams ranged from grandiose to the simple. >> reporter: ken, this is what people here in the bay area, thousands of people bought tonight, tickets to a big dream in albany we saw a steady stream of people
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buying their shot at $600 million. >> i just wish everybody luck and i hope that i hit. >> this is the winning ticket. >> reporter: for most people it seem like dreaming the possibilities is what is porn. a. max's liquor, we heard dreams of a big house, lots of travel and luxury items. >> i would buy my house and go for a trip around the world. [ laughter ] i would like to go to italy. >> reporter: but on this day in albany, we heard many more dreams of giving back. >> i only want probably 2-3 million out of $600. i don't care what happened to the rest i am going to help somebody, because there is always somebody who needs help. >> i told my wife i would help my family and friends and open a foundation for wounded warriors. >> reporter: two doors down is avalon glass works. >> work and restoring something that has historical significant. >> reporter: the co-owner bought a single powerball ticket and plans to
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help others. >> art projects and programs for kids and supporting other artists $600 million, how many people could you give that way to? it would be fun. >> reporter: since california got powerball last month, it's jumped to the top three states state. we just got word moments ago that one person in florida won the powerball jackpot and two people got five out of five without the powerball and they will be pretty rich as well. live in albany, john sasaki, ktvu. more details, many of the people line up to purchase a powerball ticket must have logged onto the powerball website to get the winning number because the site seemed to be overloaded 15 minutes before the winning number were drawn, a "service unavailable" notice is all that could have been seen when you tried to log onto powerball zoom. you have a greater chance of
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becoming president of the united states than winning tonight's powerball. don't want to discourage you, but coming up, we could have a list other things that could happen to you before you win the lottery. police say a concerned neighborhood helped them catch a suspect. we told you yesterday a 22-year- old abandonoch man was found shot to death at the hudson manor apartments. that afternoon police say a neighbor noticed a suspicious man in the area and called police and that man is now behind bars at martinez jail. operations gomunderway at the port of oakland after an accident that kid a veteran longshoreman yesterday. we learned that union members will hold a memorial to share their memories of 78 simpson, who died after his truck was knocked into estuary near berth 30. fremont police announced an arrest in a bizarre road-rage attack. they say 30-year-old bryant
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salazar apparently got angry at another driver and tailgated him tuesday night. salazar allegedly blocked the driver in at a gas station and then attacked him through an openwen would with a screwdriver. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. police tracked down sars using witness descriptions. the farm standoff continues tonight on eye parcel of land in albany. ktvu's debora villalon tells us that the occupy the farm activists turned to the land to reem occupy and replan. >> this multi use land is owned by the regents the university of california. >> the beat goes on, warnings ignored. >> we think it's pretty clever to plant seeds this time and that way if they till the ground they are just helping out. >> reporter: mondays, protesters plants were plowed under and several were arrested after a weekend of squatting. now they are back, pitching camp. arguing for crops instead of the senior housing complex and grocery store slated for this site. >> to pave it over and for
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something that this community doesn't have an immediate use for would be a waste. >> they have a lot of rhetoric. they spout off a bunch of lies. >> reporter: some albany residents are fedup with occupy. >> we have come through process to have the land developed and to have a market here and i think that is what the majority would like. >> i have been an urban organic gardener since before there was such a timber. >> reporter: the mayor wonders where were the activists during years of land planning and wishes they would cultivate elsewhere. >> i would say this is not the spot to do this. there are people in town who would love to have them help. >> reporter: this is the spot. >> you are ordered to leave the property immediately are and the showdown that protesters want. cal says it expected this resistance, but seems relumbertonnant to rush in on a big commencement weekend. >> there are a lot of people in the community this weekend and we want to make sure what we do is the safest and least
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disruptive. >> reporter: at this rate, with the repeated planting attempt tempts, weeds will be cleared here long before then. in albany, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. shark fans rallied inside the hp pavilion. >> it's huge -- it's the sharks playoff. >> you guys can do it you will, pull off. >> the team hit the ice in san josi for the first time in this playoff series. the sharks are known for being a team that wins when they are at home. coming up in sportswrap we'll have highlights from tonight's shark's game as they fight to continue their playoff run. lining up, a day in advance for life changing procedures. how a group of doctors teamed up to give thousands a reason to smile.
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. a toothache is more than annoying if you can't afford a dentist or don't have insurance is to have checked. ktvu's alex savidge shows us some long suffering is bay patients who finally have a reason to smile. outside of the san josi convention center the line wrapped around block and some people camped out overnight to get into the free dental clinic. >> i used to have a regular
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dentist that would take care of my dental work all the time, but it's been rough. >> reporter: inside, hundreds of dentists and dental assistants donated their time, cleaning teeth, doing fillings even performing extractions, to help patients living with severe pain. >> i can't afford dental insurance. it costs us $200 just to have a tooth pulled. >> reporter: this free dental clinic is put on by the california dental association and organizers tell me that the huge turnout is due many large part to recent cuts to the state's dental program. >> in carriage and even nationally it's not work and people don't have a place to turn for the dental needs. >> reporter: posing for a picture, mary cross of santa cruz was more than happy to show off her new smile. >> i'm still getting used to these. brand-new. >> this is the first time she has had any teeth in a row. >> thank god there are people
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like everybody here volunteering their time and stuff. i can't tell you how grateful i am. i am so happy. >> reporter: a set of dentures can cost upwards of $,000, out of reap for the patients at this clinic. with so many people in need, oh,ers say the hardest part is knowing that they may not be able to help everyone. san josi, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. this tuesday, the owners of the national football league are set to vote on who will host the super bowl. if san francisco wins the bid, the game would be played in the new stadium in santa clara, which is scheduled to open next year. those in the no say miami's chance to be chosen dropped precipitously when florida lawmakers voted to not finance the renovation of the sun life stadium. whichever each other is not chosen for 2016 will compete with houston to hold the super
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bowl in 2017. a fire that consumed an area in oakland may have been deliberatey set. our photographer got to the scene at 79th and arthur street in east oakland before firefighters arrived. the caravan was gutted in fire at 11:30 last night, no one was hurst. the salvation army is asking for your help for families left homeless by a fire in redwood city. the five-unit building burned on wednesday and tonight 26 people are in temporary housing and that includes two twin baby girls and four boys between the ages of 5 and 11 years old. the salvation army says they don't even have a change of clothes. if you would like to help, you can find information on our website at just look under "hot topics" police say a 15-year-old las vegas boy was killed for an ipad. dozens of family, friends and classmate gathered to
11:50 pm
remember marcos arenas killed thursday after officers say two suspects tried to snatch the ipad from his hand. when arenas refused to let go, the suspects hit him with his car. >> flood watch in my life would i think that i bot him that for his birthday and he was run owe. police in long island new york say one officer shot and killed a college student as she was being held by a kidnapper. it all happened this morning two blocks from the campus of hofstra university. it's in hempstead, new york a 911 caller alerted police to an armed intruders holding several students hostage inside their home. an armed officer found man inside holding a co-ed. police say the officer fired several shots killing the suspect and one shot hit and killed the student. an investigation is now underway. we have new details tonight on another barack fundraising swing by president barack obama. the white house
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6th to raise money for democratic candidates for the u.s. senate. tickets for a reception in palo alto start at $2500. sitting down for dinner with the president in portola valley will cost more than $32,000. apple co-founder steve wozniak told cal grads to seek personal happiness and not wealth. they face a tough job market, but as ktvu's christien kafton told us that they were encouraged to look beyond statistics and find fulfillment. >> reporter: with the thundering beat and the sun beating down, cal's graduating class of 2013 filled memorial day stadium. today's commencement address was the last for outgoing chancellor birgeneau. >> how does it feel? >> i have loved being chief financial and administrative officer, but looking forward to
11:52 pm
being a profession. >> apple cope founder steve wozniak, deceased addressed the crowd. and formaldehyde kutv internal and current cnn white house correspondent brianna keilar. >> fight to follow what inspires you. >> reporter: and finally the moment that the students had been working towards for years. while many of the new graduates are entering the job market others say they are walking into an uncertain future and uncertain job market. >> i hope to go into education. >> the job search is going on and it's difficult. i mean, still, you know? the effects are still there from the economy, but it's going to happen. >> reporter: students we spoke with today say they graduate confident
11:53 pm
that their years at cal have prepared them for wherever their path leads. in berkeley, kristeen kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. well a 90-year-old southern california man walked across the stage and into the history books. >> wally taibleson. "the law show" let's hear it for wally taibleson, graduating with i masters in education from cal state san marcus yesterday and the oldest student in the cal state system and the oldest graduate the systems a's history. >> anytime you can devote to increasing your mind and increasing your learn is valuable for you. >> well, taibleson earned a cpa degree ands with a vice
11:54 pm
president for the national can corporation before he retired and, in fact, he didn't begin his college career until he was 70 it's never too late. problems at the world's highest peak and what researchers discovered amount everest. in other news of the world, tense moments aboard a commercial flight as the flight ♪
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. some residents of granbury, texas return odd their home ayers of tornadoes ravaged that town on wednesday night. more than 100 homes scattered throughout the area were dried by the twisters. at least six people were killed
11:57 pm
in the storms and others remain piss manying. yemeni security officials say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed at least four people and the vehicle reportedly carrying al-qaeda militants. several dozens were wounded and at least six suspected militants were killed in suspected drone strikes last month. associated press reports that there has been a sharp rice in drone attacks since a u.s.- backed president took office. . in iraq at least 16 people were killed, and 8 policeman kidnapped in a string of attacks there. there were three bombings including one outside of this small market. deadliest incident happened when gunmen broke into the booked home of an anti- terrorism police captain, killing him, his wife and two young children. today's violence follows three days a of shootings and bombings that killed 130 people, both shi'ite and sunni. in other news of the world,
11:58 pm
south koreans are reporting that north korea fired three short-range missiles today, during what appeared to be a military exercise. the south koreans say all the missiles fell into the sea. north korea had been threatening to test-fire longer range missiles and these missiles are believed to have a range of 2400 mile and could threaten american troops in guam or japan. in france, these men say they hope to be the first to marry. president signed the legislation into law. the push for gay and lesbian rights. and in russia some frightening moments when a boeing 737's landing gear caught fire as plane was landing at a moscow airport. pilot was able to land the plane successfully and the 136 passengers and crew members were evacuated safely. no word on what caused the fire. russia and other former sofrepublicans have among the
11:59 pm
worst air safety erred with an accident rate almost three times the world average in 2011. that is according to the international air transport association. researchers say mount everest's the world's largest peak is showing effects of climate change as warming temperatures are causing glaciers to melt. scientists from the university of milan say everest's glaciers have shrunk 13% offer the last 30 years. the research seas say they assume the decline of snow and ice is a direct result of human- generated greenhouse gases. but they added that they have not established a firm connection. an arizona family moved into their new home only to find they were sharing the property with a family of the bobcats. here is a look. the female bobcat is sitting right there on the wall. new honors say they are beautiful animals, but with a young daughter and small dog, they decided that the bobcats might be better off moving to an wilderness area.
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animal rescue crews rounded up the kittens and used the babibs to lure the mother into an adjacent cage. the median home price in san francisco reaches a rare height. the high cost of owning in the city. but first. 1, 2, 3, a different kind of field of dreams. first of its kind match up at san quentin prison. also a state l look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's.
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are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪ it's a story you will see only on 2 some young ball players with the hopes the big leaguesplete other ball players with the hopes of freedom, ktvu's katie utehs reports.
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>> i was nervous at first, but they are human just like me, so i feel libe it's just another day playing baseball, with another guys are the pacific's rochester include former kreig athletes and those working towards the mike holmgren minor and major leagues. >> this is awesome. it's an experience of a live5 and this is definitely something that i will remember. >> reporter: men from the outside playing those who are serving prison sentences. >> it's a real privilege to play with some of the great guys afrom around the area. >> reporter: the san quentin team practice twice a week and compete twice a week. >> we throw hard, man and we ain't using to seeing that fast pitching on a regular basis.
12:04 am
>> butte would like to. >> i think it's something that i can continue in thefute. katie utehs, ktvu . final scores san rafael pacifics beat the san quentin giants 17-3. a new federal report the inmates abused by guards the main jail for santa clara county ranked 5th with a 6.2% sexual abuse rate. the facilities with highest levels of sexual abuse are jails in indianapolis, baltimore, st. louis and philadelphia. the report by the justice department was based on interviews with inmates between february of 2011 and may of 2012. a california law requiring some handguns to stamp a serial number on bullet casings has final will you gone ife
12:05 am
of the so-called microstamping bill was signed by governor schwarzenegger in 2007 and kamala harris announced that they are no long are a problem. practical terms it requires a weapons firing pin to stamp a tiny number on each round does the debate over parking fired. the law does not already effect fees at beaches. those on the rochester of firearms, only new models. the park service is considering as the weather heats up, so charges for parking along the coast. the idea is being met with resistance from environmentalists and coast regulators worried about limiting access. the commission hopes to hear the issue in june. owners the historic skunk train in mendocino county, say it's in jeopardy of shutting down. theysy a huge cave-in could cost $300 arson to repair. cave yip happened at night
12:06 am
between fort bragg and willits. no one was injured, but the it's limited to you a 4-mile run. skunk train managers say that if they don't get the money they may have to shut down. researchers have found swine flu virus in elephant sales along the california coast. scientists say it's not unusual for the marine mammals to harbor human diseases. researchers from uc davis say the animals have been infected by seabirds. none of the elephant seals show sign of the disease. the study was published in the journal pillas one. you already know home prices are expensive in san francisco, but they are now scaling rare heights median sales price of at home in the city hit the $1 million mark last month. that is up more than 31% from a year-ago. thans ys the median price hasn't been so high since the real estate boom peaked in 2007. the median price for a condo in
12:07 am
san francisco $850,000. just another reason why i needed to win the powerball lottery of. >> it's a longshot to win the powerball. how long? you have a better chance of being hit by lightning and much more. we'll break
12:08 am
12:09 am
the weekend is off to a nice start and if you like the warmer temperatures you i this you will like the forecast. lower 60s in pacifica and lots 70s around the bay and 80s towards
12:10 am
fairfield and antioch. as you can pick out we're tracking severe weather and lothis with the on possibility of moderate risk of severe storms for sunday. you can see here for the western parts of missouri, kansas, out towards oklahoma. so we'll be watching out for that as we head into your sunday. for us a dry weather pattern and right now the fog is targeting parts of monterey bay. and the wind speeds really picked up, especially coast side, will you notice you will notice the wind reports, sfo 7 miles per hour and earlier this morning we had a wind gust up to 41 miles per hour. still a bit of a breeze in napa and fairfield. nappy pretty mild, 6degrees, san josi 59 and livermore in the upper 50s, reporting mostly clear skies. for tonight,
12:11 am
mostly clear conditions and still breezy conditions. tomorrow and monday, lots of sunshine and we're going to warm things up and then the extended a sun-cloud mix and a major dropoff in temperatures. so warm and then a big dropoff in the numbers by midweek. overnight lows will be in the 50s, across most of the region. we'll go with 49 in livermore and patchy fog a factor coastside and a few patches in the bay for sunday morning, but it won't be a huge layer. high pressure rebuilds and strengthens offshore and this will be the key of change. supposed, monday we're going warm things up, with the northerly winds that boost of the fire danger. no red-flag warnings posted. at least elevated fire danger for the north bay hills and east bay hills above a thousand feet where we could have winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. as far as forecast highs for
12:12 am
tomorrow, everybody goes up as well. santa rosa, 88 degrees. fairfield in the upper 80s. around bay, 70s for oakland and hayward, san josi 82, sunnyvale, 81 degrees and san francisco coming up for you in the mid-70s, 75 and san francisco, for bay to breakers tomorrow, earlier, 7:00 a.m., some patchy fog. but increasing sunshine and ocean beach by 1:00 in the 60s. monday will be the hottest day, 70s, 80s a few low 90s and then we cool things off tuesday into wednesday. heather and ken, i think i could have a forecast, 40 degrees for bay to breakers, those customs would not change tomorrow morning. >> not at all, some of them don't have costumes in 40 degrees. athank you, mark. as we mentioned the odds of
12:13 am
winning tonight's powerball lottery jackpot was 1 in 175 million. the odds of becoming president, 1 in 10 million. odds of being bitten by a shark if you are in the water, 1 in 11 million. the adds of a golfer hitting a hole inyun, 1 in 12 option and the odds of being born with an extra finger or thumb, 1 in 500. lottery officials say someone in florida beat odds and won tonight's big jackpot. >> it doesn't matter what th
12:14 am
12:15 am
12:16 am
. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. home ice has been a winning formula for the san josi sharks in this year's stanley cup playoffs as they get back into the series with the los angeles kings. they got an opportunity a minute and a half into the game and this time they converted and win the face-off and it's patriot marleau to dan boyle who scores, 1-0, san josi. but later in the period, the kings took advantage of a shark's mistake. and back hands one past niemi. andrew dejardin with a great opportunity, but late in the 3rd, the sharks on a power-play. trevor lewis
12:17 am
called for goalkeeper interference and takes out niemi. the sharks have a two-man advantage. we just have that time expired and san josi was playing 5 on 4, but logano couture for the game-winner. they can celebrate getting right back into the series with the 2-1 win the they pick it up again tuesday night and fight to get evening in the series. fred inglis was there and joins us live. >> reporter: joe, the sharks won just about every important statistical category, including face-offs, takeaways, hits, shots and goals and oh, yeah, injuries and as a matter of fact they lost two key play to injury, marty havlat and logan couture. he can return with 73 seconds let in the 2nd period and that
12:18 am
became a boost to the shark as they though make key changes on the fly. they were certainly pumped starting with the 5 on 3 advantage. >> i thought we were -- even us as coaches were probably a little too excited and wound up and we needed to kam down a little bit. it was veteran players, elite players you were putting on the ice. we had a plan. and it almost came to fruition, but after that, they just played. they came through. >> reporter: do you fire up a little extra when you play against a guy like jonathan? >> he is one of the guys of course and he has been amazing this series so far. so i have to be able to match that. >> reporter: when the kings got that easy goal, did you just shake it off or say there is your break and we'll get ours later? >> we shook it off, i mean they are a good team, but on that goal, we gave it to them. it's something that he can control and guys -- we responded well after that.
12:19 am
kept coming and kept come and finally got rewarded. >> it's one game and then you prepare for game 4. >> reporter: couture was note available to us media types after the game he was getting treatment, but coach mcclellan says he was ofeeling okay. marty havlat not so good and could miss the rest of the playoffs. they showed their experience and poise and they say they are the better team in the series, although there they are still down 2-1 in series. they are glad they are getting rewarded for so much hard work that made it 2-1. reporting live in san josi, fred inglis for sportswrap. and detroit red wings were trying to alter recent history, including the playoffs they lost five straight times to the
12:20 am
chicago blackhawks. winds take control and ttberg t the tie. detroit rattled off four straight goals and zetterberg dropped the puck for valtteri filppula, who converts and series is tied a game each and headed back to create on monday. it was deja vu experience for the oakland a's and the kansas city royals in town and getting it goes against tommy malone. butler couldn't have thrown this ball in a better place and lands between three athletics and is an rbi. first malone with a based loaded no-out jam and he struck out to end the ending. the a's got one run on a sacrifice ply. moss got on the into a santana pitch. coco crisp scores on the rbi
12:21 am
triple. the a's make it two in a row over the royals both by a-1 score. >> there is a certain personality we have come to expect from the giants in recent years, pitching and defense, their strengths. those straits have gone missing in their current road-trip. giants at coors field. this is how you make a fan happy pablo sandoval handing over a personal souvenir. blanco scores belt. belt doubled with two out and chatwood just called up from triple-a for this game. giants committed nine errors in their previous four game oz the trip. here is another one. tim lincecum throws the ball away from the dribbler by rutledge and the rockies took a 3-1 lead, lincecum not happy with the development. more giant pratfalls in the 4th and this time lincecum simply slip or catches his spike, but does it with a runner on.
12:22 am
so that is a balk. arenado scores and to round out a bat inside for lincecum, rosario with a home run over the fence. lincecum gave up syph runs in five innings and the giants commit three more errors and have now made 12 in their five games on the road and they lose tonight 10-2. they wrap up the road-trip with one more game in denver tomorrow. the lime green walls can only mean a team is at home in the meantime marlins. former athletic mccarthy trying to win since he was drink by a line drive. still to come on this saturday nice swartz wrap, horse race's
12:23 am
triple crown still one of ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪
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koenig s. >> it it will be at least a 36- year wait from another triple crown win essential. affirm in 1978 is still the last horse to do it after orb failed to do it today. he had the no. 1 post position and that was notice a good opolicemen. today the 3:5 favorite ended up out of the money. the horse that did win was a pretty good story on his open. oxbow with gary stevens oaboard isn't challenges on way
12:27 am
finish line. the 50-year-old stevens came out an 8-year retirement to race in the kentucky derby earlier this month. he is already in hall of fame and now has won all three triple crown races three times each. itsmyluckyday was second and mylute was third. the san josi earthquakes were doing what they have done more than anything this year. the quakes trailed the colorado rapids 1-0 in the 78th minute, but had a penalty quick chavez converts for his goal of the season and san josi salvages a 1-1 tie, something that the quakes have done six times this year, they are 3-4-6, but four points out of first place. this was the challenge facing the tour of california riders, 91 mile a climb of just short of 4,000 feet up mount diablo as they ride terms made their way from livermore and head up the mountain, leopold
12:28 am
cohenig made his move, but the overall leader, tejay van garderen. tomorrow's eightth and final stage tarts in san francisco and ends up in santa rosa 81 mile later and the nba's two eastern conference finalists are died after india tonight edged the playoff run of the new york knicks. 3-point play put indiana in front. anthony carmel with 39 point, but pacers on an 11-2 run and pacers win the series in six games of they now have the challenge of the miami heat, starting on wednesday. of course, record round of n thprospecttor keegan ion to bradley in the byron melson classic. the 60 came in thur's opening
12:29 am
round of before we get to bradley, second shot by john huh on the par-4 14th hole for an eagle. he shot a 69 today and he is in position to contend tomorrow, five stokes over the lead. you could say sang-moon bae has been consistent. b-eebae is one shot off the lead. bradley with a long birdie on 11 part of his 68 and two strokes back is tom gillis. gillis from the bunker. he is in the same group of bradley. bradley gets a good look at a birdie, gillis is within two strokes of the lead. and that istor in saturday night edition of sportswrap of see you again tomorrow at 5:00. we're all sulking in the fact we cannot match the powerball numbers, but we learned that a ticket sold in san josi successfully matched five numbers just
12:30 am
>> on today's show, reggae rockers come full circle, plus a soldier gets her song on, and later, we sit down with william levy. all this, only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head and inside yourself then you're over there and outside yourself ♪ [captioning made possible by latv] ♪ get inside yourself >> hey guys, it's your girl valery ortiz here, and you are
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